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September 05, 2007


Goria Cochran

my grandson is in jail and will have 8 years probation and will be labeled as a sex offender the rest of his life. He et a girl on "My Space" who states she is 20 years old. My Grandson was 19. They had consentual sex. She was 14! Not 20 as she states. She is STILL on 'MY SPACE" advertising that she is 21 years old now. My Grandson is punished, she has no punishment! This is not fair! Why does 'MY Space" allow underage to lie, causing innocent people to suffer while they still run free, probably looking for someone else to hurt this way?


As you've stated you have been trolling well we as children and family advocates have been working as well. The facts are there and John Walsh and Mark Foley, Mark Lunsford all seens strange from Florida. However the facts are true even a letter fron CT. Attorney General made my space get his promoting sex, drugs, booze and weapons to our children. We have the data and pictures of all on Lunsford. See Walsh and Foley Blog!

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