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November 26, 2008


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He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.


It is almost like that state had to tag her with some offense to save face. Why couldn't they just drop it?

From Julie's point of view, I think you are spot on. Having a case hanging over you is a special kind of torture.


i have to agree. as for this statement

"Its the best court system in the world and still grossly imperfect and always will be."

sorry the U.S lost the right to use that title decades ago in EVERY catagory


Unfortunately Mr. Smith, as you may well know, trials for a Sex Offense are more decided on fear, myth and hysteria and NOT on truth and facts. I can understand this ladies motives clearly.

I remember a case a year or so back where a Prosecutor waved a video copy of "Harry Potter" the defendant owned in front of a jury calling it Legal Child Porn. He was convicted.

Anymore in these Pleas Bargains it is coming down to whether one will have to Register or not as a Sex Offender. Amazing how a "Regulatory" law has become a negotiable pawn in Plea Bargains as it is "NOT" supposed to be punishment but yet Prosecutors use it as a "carrot" to cut deals.

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